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For more than 60 years, belairdirect has been providing complete car and home insurance solutions direct to the consumer. Our company is built on innovation and a purpose to simplify people’s lives. In 1997, belairdirect became the first car insurance company in North America to offer an online car insurance quote directly to consumers! Today, we offer a streamlined online experience that makes buying car insurance easier than ever.

What we represent

We believe that insurance is too important to be complicated and should be accessible to everyone. Our purpose is to simplify people’s lives by helping them protect the things they care about.

  • Sincere We always give honest advice. We do the right thing for the right reason.
  • Direct We speak in plain language that everyone can understand.
  • Compassionate We believe the best way to build trust is by putting ourselves in your shoes. Rest assured, we’ll always try to find the best, simplest way to do things.
  • Courageous We’ve been courageous since the beginning, insuring taxi drivers when no one else would. When they say “It’s impossible,” we say “Just watch us”.

belairdirect in a few figures

  • 68 years old belairdirect is 68 years old – and enjoying our golden years!
  • 900,000 customers Almost as many as the population of Edmonton, half of Montreal and about double that of Halifax.
  • About 2000 employees Across Canada from coast to coast! This number continues to grow, thanks to our loyal clients.

What we do best

Insurance is important, but it can feel complicated. We understand! Our goal is to offer a simplified experience that helps clients choose what’s right for them with confidence.

A smart digital experience

In an age where everything is done online, we offer a streamlined online experience on our website along with helpful digital perks in our mobile app.

Many ways to save

In insurance, price matters. We offer some of the industry’s most competitive pricing and a wide range of discounts, bundles and rewards for good driving habits.

Help when you need it

Our qualified insurance agents make all the difference to our customer experience. They are ready to support you via live chat or over the phone, no matter the situation. No pressure, no nonsense; just transparency.

Claims made simple

The unexpected doesn’t just happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.! Submitting a claim is simple, fast and convenient and can be done anytime online, on the app or through our 24/7 claims support line.

Ready to compare your current premium?

A career in insurance is anything but boring with belairdirect!

Insurance doesn’t have to be boring. Come and see for yourself! We offer an inclusive workplace where everyone can be themselves and excel according to their abilities. Join us and take advantage of financial rewards, health and wellness benefits and advanced training courses. We make sure you always have the tools and support you need to thrive.

Giving back to our community

Breakfast club

At belairdirect, we want to be leaders of change. This is why we are involved with the Breakfast Club of Canada, which has been committed to nurturing children’s potential by providing access to a nutritious breakfast for over 23 years. Much more than a breakfast program, the Club's approach is based on commitment, self-esteem and capacity development. The Breakfast Club helps feed some 203,000 Canadian children in 1,600 schools across the country.

Our environmental impact

Okay, saving the planet is a big claim, but if half of our customers went digital this year, we'd eliminate 92,500,000 pages, which is the equivalent of 10,800 trees. That's a lot of paper! Go digital today by downloading our mobile app and be part of the change. You can learn more about our environmental efforts here.

Even more information

Mr. Belair does not exist! Our name is a tribute to the most popular vehicle of the 1950s: the Chevrolet Bel Air. It’s not Belair, nor belair direct, but belairdirect! It’s not Belair, nor belair direct, but belairdirect!

We offer insurance for many kinds of vehicles at belairdirect! We have you covered, whether you need car insurance for your everyday commute, eco-friendly insurance for your hybrid or electric vehicle, or ridesharing coverage to power your side-hustle. Driving isn’t just about getting from point A to point B – we also offer insurance for recreational and seasonal vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles, travel trailers and more. The coverage we offer varies by province, so make sure you get a quote or contact us to find out if we insure your type of vehicle where you live.

Nothing beats that feeling of finding a great deal. We offer lots of discounts to help you get great value on your insurance!

There are so many ways to save on your home and car insurance with belairdirect. First there are the basics like a bundle discount for combining your home and car insurance, a multi-vehicle discount for multiple drivers at the same address, and even an online discount for getting a quote online.

Safe drivers can level up their car insurance savings even more by activating automerit®*, which offers a personalized premium based on your driving habits. You may also be eligible for exclusive discounts and benefits through our group insurance program.

The discounts we offer vary by province, so make sure you get a quote to find out how much you could save. Learn more about all our discounts and get ready to score a deal!

*Automerit is not available in NB, NS, PE, or NL.

We’re glad you asked! Our mission is to simplify insurance and make your life easier with smart and efficient digital tools. With the belairdirect mobile app, you can manage your home and car insurance online, access your digital proof of insurance on your smartphone, submit a claim anytime, make a payment and unlock amazing free perks by activating automerit®.

No smartphone? No problem! You can also access your insurance documents online, make changes anytime, or submit and track a claim 24/7 with the Client Centre.

We have several, but automerit® is one of our favorites. We reward your good driving habits and help you save you more on your car insurance. You deserve a price that matches your ride!

It’s impossible not to mention Accident Forgiveness, our flagship product! You hear it in all our commercials, but what exactly is it? It is a policy that ensures that your insurance premium does not increase following an accident, whether you are at-fault or not*. Accidents can happen to anyone, and you shouldn't have to pay for it. Check if you are eligible for Accident Forgiveness now!

*Conditions apply.

belairdirect's contact centres are staffed by certified insurance agents. Our agents represent belairdirect exclusively. Our agents are available to assist clients on the phone or via live web chat.

Belair Insurance Company Inc. is a damage insurance agency that distributes exclusively all insurances products underwritten by Belair Insurance Company Inc.

Our insurance policies are underwritten by Belair Insurance Company Inc., which is entered in the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)'s Register of Firms Authorized to Practise under registration number 505699. Belair Insurance Company Inc. offers personal and commercial insurance, including coverage for car, property (home for personal lines), fire, legal expenses and liability.

For more information, please consult the Register.

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