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Insurance coverage for
young couples and families

Different lifestyles require different insurance coverage. Whether you just got married, are deciding to move in together, are thinking of starting a family or you’re considering adding a new member, belairdirect has the right coverage that should fit your needs.

From home insurance and tenant insurance to auto insurance for one or several vehicles, our coverages can be tailored to your specific needs and may also putting some money back into your pocket.

What is a young couple?

A young couple falls between the ages of 18-35. They live together and may or may not be married. They do not currently have any children, although they may be planning to start a family soon.

Aside from living together, they support each other, either by both working or having one person work full-time while the other completes their studies.

Because there are no children, this is an excellent time for them to save money and make plans for the future.

The types of car and home insurance a young couple should consider

Depending on your lifestyle, there are a few ways young couples can protect themselves while saving money.

Tenants' insurance
If you are renting an apartment or house, tenants’ insurance is the best way to protect yourself. If you’re thinking of buying a house or condo in the near future, saving money may be a priority for you.

Bundling other insurance
Combining your home insurance and car insurance coverage by bundling it under one company, like belairdirect, may allow you to save money and put it towards your dream investment.


Multivehicle insurance
If you and your spouse or partner each have a car, you may want to consider our multivehicle discount.

What does your young family look like?

A young family is most commonly recognized as having at least 1 child under the age of 10. Both parents may be working, or one person dedicates themselves to taking caring for the children while the other works to pay the bills.

Sometimes the grandparents look after the children when the parents are working. They pick them up from school or volunteer to babysit while the parents enjoy a night out.

Being young and healthy, most families want to enjoy life with the knowledge that they’re covered for a rainy day if one should ever come.

The auto insurance and home insurance a young family should consider getting

Tenants or homeowner’s insurance
Many families choose to live in either a house or an apartment. You may want to consider either homeowner’s insurance or tenants insurance to protect your family from an expensive setback.

Car insurance
Young families may own one or more vehicles in their possession. Auto insurance from a trusted provider will help you keep your family vehicle safe at a fair price.

Multivehicle insurance
You may want to consider belairdirect’s multi-vehicle discount if there’s more than one vehicle to insure so that you may save even more.

What’s your savings objective?

Your savings objectives can range from saving for a new home to putting away money for your children’s future education. With the right insurance coverage and discounts, you can put yourself in a better position to achieve your savings objectives, both long and short term.

Bundling home and auto insurance or tenants and auto insurance can be a great way to save money and time by only dealing with a single, trusted insurance company.

If there are more than 2 vehicles in the family, consider belairdirect’s multi-vehicle discount to help bring down the costs.

Insurance designed for modern life

When you’re on-the-go and life gets hectic, the last thing on your mind is your insurance contract. That’s why we developed the belairdirect app.

Now you’ll be within arm’s reach of your policy and insurance documents at any time. You’ll be able to file a claim online and track it 24/7, update drivers and your home address, ask for roadside assistance and much more.

Take control with the belairdirect and get back to what matters most in your life.

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