Accessibility at belairdirect

We place customers at the centre of everything that we do. That means being inclusive, equitable and striving to meet the needs of all persons.

We are committed to providing our services to everyone, including persons with disabilities, in an accommodating manner that is consistent with the core principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity. We have adopted an accessibility policy that reflects this commitment to serving persons with disabilities

belairdirect Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (pdf)

Our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan is available in many accessible formats. Please contact us: or

We also believe in constant improvement. For this reason, we have established an accessibility committee so that together we can continue to improve our accessibility initiatives and make it easier for everyone to do business with us. All information provided by belairdirect can be made available in an accessible format. If it would be easier for you to communicate with us or receive documents in a different way, we will find a way to accommodate your request at no additional cost. If you would like a copy of our accessibility policy, have any feedback about our accessibility, or require any further information about accessibility, please call us at .

Please note this section of our website is reserved for queries related to accessibility at belairdirect and for persons with disabilities who seek accommodation in accessing belairdirect’s services.

If you have a query related to claims, please go to the Contact Us section.

We are constantly striving to improve our customer experience. If there's something that we can do to make your experience better, let us know.

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