Home and car insurance for students

You could save with belairdirect by finding
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Savings are now in session! Full-time students under 23 save 10% on insurance in Ontario

Insurance is easier than you think

Being a college or university student is both exciting and a little confusing. You’ll experience so many things for the first time, such as living on your own and managing your day-to-day affairs by yourself.

This might also be the first time you’ve had to think about insurance coverage. Where do you begin? How do you apply for coverage? What kind of coverage do you need?

We're here to help demystify car and home insurance so you can confidently choose the coverage you need to protect the important things in your life. You can rest easy knowing we'll be there if you ever need advice, answers, or a helping hand.

Getting the right amount of insurance starts with understanding what you need. Different people use their cars in totally different ways and their coverage should reflect that. Check out the examples below to see how various types of students can use their car and the coverage they can have with belairdirect.

A discount to fit your lifestyle as a student

No matter how you plan to study over the next few years, there may be a discount for you!
See if one of these profiles resembles your situation:


The Commuter

You are currently attending either University or college

You are currently under the age of 23

You still live with your parents

You use your car to get around, including round trips to school five times a week, using both highways and city streets.

You use the car to meet up with study partners a few times a week, and for some much-needed time with friends on the weekend.


The Urban Student

You’re currently attending either University or college

You are currently under the age of 23

You’ve completed a driving training course

You rent an apartment and live on your own, or with roommates

You use your car for weekend shopping trips, grocery runs, and weekend getaways

You also head back home a couple times a month to catch up with your parents, who live outside the city


The Boomerang Student

You’re currently attending either University or college

You are currently under the age of 23

You live in a student residence

Everything you need is right on campus, so during the school year you don't drive very much

You have a car because your family lives far away and driving really is the most efficient way to get home for a visit on breaks and holidays

Each of these scenarios is different and requires different coverages.
Living at home and living on your own each have their own unique set of challenges.

Talk with one of belairdirect’s agents to find out what kind of discounts you could be eligible for and you could start saving!

Make your life easier with the belairdirect app

Class notes. Assignments. Study group meetings. Registration. You’ve got a lot of things to keep track of. Your insurance shouldn’t have to be one of them.

With the belairdirect app, you’ll have access to all of your insurance documents 24/7. You’ll also be able to modify your coverage, make a claim and track it from the palm of your hand.

Download it today and start saving!

Staying protected with the FPQ5

If you just bought a new car or if the vehicle you currently drive to school is relatively new, you may want to consider adding Replacement Insurance coverage. Should your vehicle ever be deemed a total loss after a covered incident, you may be compensated for the value of the vehicle at which it was bought.

Certain factors need to be taken into consideration beforehand, such as the age, condition and value of the vehicle, but this can be a secure measure to prevent from having to pay completely out-of-pocket for a new car if ever the unforeseen happens.

Tips for saving on car insurance for students

Statistically speaking, young drivers get the short end of the stick. Between the higher insurance rates and the numerous restrictions placed on them during their probationary period, driving can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. We wanted to provide you with some tips to help you save.

The above examples are for illustrative purposes only. Your coverage will vary based on each person's individual insurance needs and profile.
Please contact your licensed insurance agent if you have any questions.

Although this may sound obvious, unsafe driving is one of the major contributors to high insurance rates for young people. Drivers under 25 are expected to pay more because they are involved in a large percentage of crashes and injuries.

Speeding, braking abruptly and risky driving can all contribute to an accident, a ticket, and as a result, higher insurance rates. Safe driving habits, both on and off the road, will protect you while helping you save money over a lifetime.

Always wear a seatbelt, never text while driving, and always make arrangements for transportation if your going to be partying. Over the years, your good driving record will begin to pay off.

When possible, keep your car in a safe place, such as a garage or a student parking lot. Also consider installing an anti-theft system onto your car if there isn’t one already equipped. These can all help bring down the cost of your auto insurance. The less risk of damage or theft, the lower your premium.

If you’re living on your own in an apartment or at a student residence, you could save by bundling your tenant insurance with your auto insurance under one trusted provider like belairdirect. Bundling may save you even more than having policies with separate insurance companies while helping you save time when it comes to paperwork.

Want to see if belairdirect’s student discount help you save? Get a quote now!

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