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For emergencies 1 844 429.2020

1 844 429.2020

Find peace of mind on the road with belairdirect for only 4.16$/month 4.17$/month Count on 24/7 assistance and peace of mind with pricing starting at only $5.424.16$/month.

If ever you find yourself stranded and you can’t get your car moving, rest assured that we’ll be at your side with the belairdirect roadside assistance® program.

With our assistance service, you are eligible for 24/7 access to towing services and roadside assistance services in both Canada and the United States. From flat tires to dead car batteries, we’ll be able to provide you with roadside assistance and extrication services to get your car back on the road.

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When you sign up, you have access to 4 service requests per policy term from the following list:

Battery Boosting
Should your battery die out on you and are unable to get it started, the assistance service will help you boost it. If they can’t start your vehicle, you can have it towed to the nearest repair shop of your choice within a 50km radius of the initial breakdown.

Towing Services
In the event of a mechanical failure where your vehicle cannot be driven, even after our assistance service has tried, you will be towed to a repair shop of your choice within a 50 km radius of your breakdown.

Gas delivery
Running on empty? belairdirect roadside assistance® service will provide you with up to 10 litres of gasoline so that you can make it to the nearest service station.

Tire change
If you have a flat tire, the assistance service will install your spare tire if it is in good condition. If this is not the case, your automobile will be towed to any repair shop you choose within a 50 km radius of the initial breakdown.

Door Unlocking
Should you forget your keys inside your vehicle and get locked out, the assistance service will attempt to gain entry to the vehicle. Should the assistance service not be able to gain access to your vehicle, you will be towed to a repair shop or garage of your choice within a 50km radius of where your car is located.

Winching Services
(not available for motorcycles)
Should your vehicle get stuck in an accessible area near a normal road, the belairdirect roadside assistance® service will help you extract your car and get you back on the road. Should your vehicle not be reachable using standard emergency road service equipment, additional charges may apply.

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Customers in Quebec: Other conditions may apply for your RV, please refer to your handbook for further details.

For more information about this program, please contact belairdirect at 1 877 270.9124 1 877 270.9124.

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