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Most of our customers save money with automerit thanks to their good driving habits.

When automerit is activated, the belairdirect app assesses your driving habits in real time to offer you a personalized premium when your auto policy renews.

Safe driving habits are rewarded and could help you save up to 25% on your car insurance. Drivers who take risks on the road could see their premium increase.1

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Safe driving habits save you more on car insurance

Put these three tips into action to improve your driving style and get your savings in gear:

Safe speed

Drive within the speed limits at all times.

Stick to the speed limit to increase your reaction time and lower your gas consumption.


Breaking and accelerating as smoothly as possible.

Smooth breaking will not only save you money on gas but reduce the wear and tear on your brakes and tires.


Keep your eyes on the road and off your phone.

Remember that texts and calls can wait.

Your car insurance premium is also influenced by other factors, including where, when and how much you drive.

Get smart personalized driving insights & tips

Safety - Save more when you drive safe.

Fuel efficiency - Improve your fuel efficiency and increase your gas savings.

Eco-driving - Improve your eco-impact with driving insights and tips to reduce your CO2 emissions.

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Additional free perks

By activating automerit , you also get access to these free benefits:

Crash Assist

Get on-the-spot help when you need it. Crash Assist detects severe accidents in real-time and provides you access to immediate assistance and emergency services.

Car Care

Keep your car in top shape with Car Care. Track scheduled maintenance and receive notifications about recalls that could impact your safety.

Severe weather alerts

Be weather ready with Weather Alerts. Get notified when bad weather is on the way so you can make informed decisions and prevent accidents.

How to get started

Follow these steps to unlock your personalized premium and get the most out of the belairdirect app:

Get a quote

Get a car insurance quote. New belairdirect customers who activate automerit receive a 10%2 activation discount.

Download the app

Download the belairdirect app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android and sign up.

Take control of your premium

Accept the Terms of Use and the permissions required to activate your personalized premium & free perks.

Frequently asked questions

Need some answers before activating automerit? We’re here to help.

Your driving data is collected throughout your policy term until renewal, which allows us to adjust your premium. This could increase or decrease the cost of your car insurance and change your price when your policy is renewed.

Yes, you can cancel your registration at any time by contacting us. However, your premium may decrease or increase depending on your previously collected driving data upon renewal and if the activation discount is present, it would be removed.

As long as the app has enough data on your driving habits (you drove 500 kilometers or more), we can apply adjustments to your premium when your car insurance is renewed. If you didn't drive 500 km or more, you might not receive a premium adjustment, or the adjustment may have less impact on your premium. We will take your trips into account as soon as you start driving again. The more you drive, the more significant your premium adjustments may be.

When storing or destroying your personal information, we use strict security safeguards to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal, or similar risks. If we need to transfer your personal information to a third party such as our service provider, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, inc., they're contractually required to protect and handle your personal information in accordance with our privacy safeguarding measures and applicable laws.

Still have questions? Browse our FAQ section or consult our Terms of use for automerit.

Subscribed between July 11th, 2020 and February 6th, 2022? Consult our FAQ section or consult our Terms of use.

Subscribed before July 11th, 2020 ? Consult the Terms of use here.

Still have questions? Browse our FAQ section or consult our Terms of use for automerit.

Subscribed between October 18th, 2020 and February 6th, 2022? Consult our FAQ section or consult our Terms of use.

Subscribed before October 18th, 2020? Consult the Terms of use here.

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