Our ridesharing coverage in a nutshell

Have you heard? We’ve adapted our insurance coverage* to allow ridesharing. We figured you might have a few questions, so we went ahead and provided some answers right here!

*Quick disclaimer: we’re only offering this coverage in certain regions. More about this below!

What’s ridesharing?  Canada loves it!

Ridesharing is a relatively new industry in which drivers, using their own personal vehicles, are matched with passengers through simple and convenient GPS-enabled smartphone apps. It’s part of a global trend, the sharing economy, which is expected to grow to $335 billion in revenue worldwide by 2025, up from $25 billion today.

Adapting our product was a logical step to take:  “this unique product will benefit both drivers and passengers, and speaks to how insurance is evolving to meet the needs of consumers,” says Karim Hirji, IFC’s senior vice president, International & Ventures.

Why?  It’s in our DNA!

We became the first loss insurer to sell online in 1997, developed tools like the quick quote that took the insurance process from a lengthy procedure to a speedy solution. We are always open to weigh in on the impact of current issues such as drones and other shared services like Turo.

With the growing popularity of the sharing and on-demand economy, adapting our product range to offer innovative solutions was our way of meeting consumers’ changing needs.

How does it work?  It’s simple!

Our coverage is tailor-made to fit Uber’s commercial insurance policy, ensuring a seamless coverage. An Uber driver is always covered, from the moment he gets into his car, until his last passenger exits. For more details depending on your province, visit our webpage about Uber (available in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta).

This tailor-made coverage allows for flexibility and all-time coverage for a ridesharing driver.

How to get it? Call us!

You need to be a client of belairdirect, in a participating city where our services and coverages are offered. You also need to contact us if you are participating in ridesharing, so that we can adjust your policy accordingly. When this is done, you’ll be fully covered. It’s as simple as this!

Why is our product different? Teamwork!

We worked hand-in-hand with Uber and all the parties involved to create a coverage that is tailor-made for ridesharing .

As you may have noticed, our ridesharing coverage is currently available in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. We’re working with regulators to implement it in a framework where ridesharing can operate.


We have more information about this coverage on the belairdirect website, please visit our ridesharing insurance page!

We’re looking forward to developing plenty of other innovative products that can protect you in all aspects of your life!