Off-road Vehicles Insurance

There are many opportunities for outdoor excursions and expeditions in Canada. Whether it's on your ATV or snowmobile, you live the adventures that shape your life. But you still want the peace of mind and the security of knowing you have the right coverage. With belairdirect, you get the insurance policy that's right for you.

Coverage that will take you far!

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Going on an adventure? Get insurance coverage that suits your needs.

Protect the value of your seasonal vehicle

If your off-road vehicle is new or fairly new, you can opt for protection that will cover you for theft or total loss without any depreciation to the cost of your vehicle or its initial value.

Ride outside the province with increased coverage

Insurance laws and regulations vary from one country to another and even from one province to another. When you choose $2,000,000 in Civil Liability insurance coverage, you are covered in case you cause harm to anyone with your ATV or snowmobile, especially if it results in a lawsuit. Apart for some exceptions, your private insurance covers both material damage and physical injuries sustained in an accident.

You're insured outside Quebec at no extra cost

You can leave for your trip feeling secure thanks to our insurance coverage that allows you to use your vehicle outside of Quebec for a maximum of 180 consecutive days at no extra cost! We recommend that you let your insurer know if you decide to use your vehicle outside of Quebec.

You are automatically covered for your optional equipment and accessories

How would you like to benefit from free additional coverage for up to $3,000 worth of equipment and accessories you've added to your ATV or snowmobile? That's what you get with our standard insurance coverage. You can increase your coverage for a small additional premium.

Savings that add up...

Solid coverage and competitive rates - that's what belairdirect offers. Don't wait! Take control of your off-road vehicle and take advantage of discounts for which you may be eligible.

Get a discount if:

  • Your vehicle has an anti-theft device, intensive engraving or tracking system (recognized by belairdirect).
  • You insure more than one off-road vehicle with belairdirect.
  • You're a member of a club or association recognized by belairdirect.
  • Plus, you can save on your belairdirect home insurance by combining it with your off-road vehicle insurance.
  • Also insure your vehicle with belairdirect.
  • Combine your belairdirect home insurance with your automobile and off-road vehicle insurance.
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