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Your experience matters!

Your experience matters! With belairdirect, you’ll have access to a variety of products and rates that reward your experienced driving record as well as unique products and rates for your home!

We’re here to help you find the coverage that best suits your needs. You can rest assured that we will do all that we can to protect what matters to you.

Experienced drivers 50 and over can save: Car insurance for seniors

Even if your driving habits have remained unchanged and your driving record continues to be spotless, your car insurance rates can still increase over time.

Typically, auto insurance rates get lower as drivers move into middle age when they acquire years of driving experience and loyalty discounts. However, statistically speaking, elderly drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents.

Therefore, it’s important to find coverage from an insurance company that understands the value of experience behind the wheel. That’s why belairdirect created insurance products specifically for experienced drivers who are 50 years and older. It’s the perfect way for senior citizens and older drivers to save with peace of mind on the road.

Our 50+ insurance products and rates

Waiver of Deductible11

No deductible to pay (up to $1,000) in the event of a hit-and-run or a total loss. Now that’s peace of mind!

No Obligation to Rebuild2

If you experience a total loss to your home, you can choose to receive the replacement-cost value, without the obligation to rebuild - giving you the freedom to choose. Rest assured, belairdirect has you covered.

What we offer mature drivers: Special rates for drivers 50+

Accident Forgiveness3®

There will be no increase in your car insurance premium, at renewal, as a direct result of your first at-fault accident two first at-fault accidents. As an experienced driver, your history of safe driving should speak for itself.

When the time comes to renew your policy, there will be no increase in your car insurance premium as a direct result of your first at-fault accident two first at-fault accidents when you add this endorsement to your coverage.

S.O.S. Identity4

You've worked hard to build the life you live. Get peace of mind with S.O.S. Identity Theft Protection. If you’re the victim of identity theft, you’ll be reimbursed up to $25,000 for the costs associated with restoring your identity. You could save up to 50% on this additional endorsement.

There's no deductible if you make a claim and using the service will not constitute a claim on your home insurance policy. You'll also get free access to LifeSpeak, the health and wellness platform that helps you stay healthy and focused. Protect yourself from identity theft by adding S.O.S. Identity to your belairdirect home insurance policy.

For a limited time, add S.O.S Identity to your home insurance policy for only $1/month $1.25/month*.

Home Claim Forgiveness®

Simplify your life and protect yourself against a home insurance premium increase resulting from your first claim in a period of 10 years. Have confidence in your home insurance coverage and benefit by possibly saving up to 25% on Home Claim Forgiveness.

Safety tips for mature drivers

Be safer on the road by addressing the effects aging have on your driving by being proactive
and realizing that your driving ability will likely be impacted by changes to your body.

Maintain your health.
Make sure to have your vision, hearing, and general health checked on a regular basis. Keep any prescription equipment such as glasses and hearing aids up-to-date. You may want to avoid driving at night if you don't see well.

Adjust your car.
Elevate your seat for a better view of the road. Switch to power steering and brakes to keep better control your car. Consider automatic transmission if manual transmissions make it harder concentrate on the road.

Create a healthy buffer.
Keep more distance between yourself and the car in front of you.

Plan your route.
Certain intersections can be especially dangerous for older drivers. There’s no reason to make a risky left turn when three right turns will get you to the same place. Avoid busy parts of town during rush hour.

Sharpen your skills.
Defensive driving classes and refresher courses can keep your skills on-point.

Maintain your vehicle.
Regular inspections reduce the chance of roadside breakdowns.

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good driving record could be saving you.

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