How to Save on Insurance

Everyone loves to save.

That's why we offer so many ways to keep more of your money where it belongs: in your pocket. Take advantage of discounts, bundles and benefits that can add up to big savings in the long run

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A program that rewards your safe driving and low mileage. Save up to 25% by driving safely.With automerit, you could save up to 15% on your car insurance by driving safely. And if you drive less than 10,000 km/year, you could save up to 15%. Learn more.

Our new insurance product requires the use of automerit, the newest feature of our mobile app that rewards safe driving. Every time you drive safely is an opportunity to save up to 25% on your car insurance. Learn more.

*High-risk driving may increase the cost of your car insurance but 3 out of 4 drivers earn a discount.


Everyone at your address can save up to 15% up to 25% more than 10%* on their car insurance when you all insure your vehicles through belairdirect.

You and your spouse or partner can save up to 13%14% on your car insurance when you both insure your vehicles through belairdirect.

  • Even if the vehicles are on different contracts with belairdirectpolicies, you're still eligible to save.
  • No matter what your relationship is with the other vehicle owner(s), you're all eligible for savings
  • The vehicles can be on different contracts with belairdirect, but as long as you both live at the same address, you're eligible to save.

Car + Home

Combine your car and home insurance and save up to 15% on your home insurance.

Save on your home insurance and get other advantages when you combine your home and car insurance with belairdirect.

Save on your home insurance and car insurance with belairdirect.

  • Save up to 15% on your home insurance and up to 15% on your car insurance.
  • Save up to 15%15%10% on car insurance premium and up to 5% on home insurance premium.
  • If your keys are ever stolen, you won't have to worry because you'll get the locks for your home and your car replaced for free.
  • If you ever have to file a claim that involves your car and home, you'll only have one deductible to pay

Group Program

Saving on insurance is just one of your many benefits.

When you are part of the group program from belairdirect, you getyou and your family members get our preferred group discount for your car and/or home insurance on top of any other discounts, savings and benefits you're already eligible for.

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