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Discover all the benefits of choosing belairdirect

For more than 60 years, belairdirect has worked hard to deliver a great direct insurance experience. As a proud Canadian company, belairdirect offers you many ways to save, excellent customer service, and a smooth, supportive claims process. You can confidently manage your insurance online knowing that our certifiedlicensed insurance agents are just a live chat or phone call away.

Save Time

Manage your insurance online, anytime

You’ve got a busy day with lots to do. Take advantage of our convenient online tools including our mobile application that help save you time during every step of the insurance process, from questions to quote to purchase to claims.

  • Chat online with one of our certifiedlicensed insurance agents
  • Chat online with one of our certifiedlicensed insurance agents while you complete a quote
  • Get a fast, easy and free online quote
  • Save your quote and complete it later
  • Manage your car insurance policy online: add drivers, vehicles and change your address
  • Take advantage of helpful resources
  • Chat live with an advisor (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • See a summary of your contract
  • See the details of your contract for each vehicle

Online Claim Tracking

Tracking your car claims online 24/7 is easy and convenient. Log in to your Client Centre anytime, anywhere to:

  • Follow the status of your claim
  • Take advantage of helpful resources
  • Get guidance from a relevant FAQ section
  • Chat live with an advisor (Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • See a summary of your contract
  • Get access to claims-related forms
  • Request a call from us
  • Get in touch with your dedicated claims adjuster
  • See the details of your contract for each vehicle
  • Purchase, update your contract, or add a vehicle
  • See and/or take a survey about your online claims experience
  • Arrange for and/or authorize repairs

We take your security very seriously. Your belairdirect Client Centre has a double login with two different security checks to make sure you’re the only one gaining access to your file.

Save Money

There are so many different ways to save

You work hard for your money. We want you to keep more of it where it belongs: in your pocket. With belairdirect, there are many ways you can save on your insurance premium, including:

  • Discounts
  • Bundles
  • The Accident Forgiveness
  • Rewards for your loyalty and good driving history
  • Great rates for Group Program members and employees

Better Service

Our certifiedlicensed insurance agents make the difference

From the moment you get in touch with us at belairdirect, we’re here for you. Our goal is to make your entire insurance experience the best it can possibly be. Here’s what we offer:


We’ll always be honest and up-front with you

No hard-sell

We’ll work tirelessly to find you the best coverage for you, at a great price

30 Minute Claims Guarantee*

When you call belairdirect to report a claim, we’ll start your claim within 30 minutes of answering your call*


Stay on top of your insurance 24/7 with online tools


Our certifiedlicensed insurance agents undergo rigorous training to serve you best

More on our 30 Minute Claims Guarantee

30 Minute Claims Guarantee

When you call belairdirect to report a claim, we guarantee that within 30 minutes of answering your call, one of our dedicated claims representatives will start your claim. That means they'll start the claims process, and will have the ability to take charge of the situation and arrange emergency support if required. If not, we'll write you a cheque for the full amount of your annual premium up to a maximum of $1,000*.

The Rely Network®

Our Rely Network of certified collision repair shops and professional property restoration contractors will make you their priority. We’re so confident they can deliver you the best service and craftsmanship, their work is guaranteed for as long as you own your car or your home.

Rely Network® for car insurance

Our certified collision repair shops have been selected to give you consistent, high service. Our quality assurance process ensures that every shop must:

  • Employ licensed technicians who participate regularly in training specific to the industry
  • Use the appropriate equipment to estimate and repair today's vehicle technology
  • Participate in our customer satisfaction surveys and submit to regular inspections by belairdirect
  • Repair your vehicle on time, cleaned inside and out

Rely Network® for home insurance

Our accredited and approved restoration contractors have been chosen to provide you with priority service. Our Rely Network professionals agree to:

  • Give priority service to belairdirect customers
  • Use quality materials to make your repairs.
  • Review and explain the estimate before starting repairs, keeping you informed throughout the process on how long your repair is expected to take
  • Ensure that the work area is left clean and tidy when the job is completed

A smooth claims process

10 reasons why making a claim is easy with belairdirect

9 reasons why making a claim is easy with belairdirect

  1. 24/7 availability. Claims representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call, help you start the claims process and reassure you that together, we will make things better.
  2. Empathy. It may be our claims representative's most important quality. We put ourselves in your shoes.
  3. Customer service. How important is customer service to us? Our employees’ compensation is affected by the quality of the service we provide to our customers. We put our money where our mouth is.
  4. 60 years of experience. We may be technologically advanced, but we’re no new kid on the block. We have the experience and expertise of 60 years in the insurance business.
  5. Trust. We trust your version of how the accident happened. If you were not at fault, we can ignore your deductible and start your claim without delay.
  6. Training. Our claims representatives are knowledgeable and certified by province (each representative must complete a minimum number of hours of training).
  7. ISO-certification. In Canada, belairdirect is the only ISO-certified claims department (and the only ISO-certified insurance company in North America). That means the quality of our processes are crucial to us.
  8. Online tracking for car claims. Once we open your car insurance claim, you’ll have the peace of mind of following its progress from your computer or mobile device.
  9. Rely Network. Our Rely Network of certified collision repair shops and professional property restoration contractors delivers work that is guaranteed for as long as you own your home or car.
  10. Specialists. We have the right personnel to handle your specific incident with total expertise in different fields: Residential, Auto, Total Auto Theft, Glass Specialists and Identity Theft.
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