S.O.S. Identity® - identity theft insurance

Get the protection you need in the event of identity theft or a cyberattack with S.O.S. Identity.

S.O.S. Identity is an insurance coverage that helps get you back on track after identity theft. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’ve lost control over the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

With S.O.S. Identity coverage, you get access to:

  • Protection in the event of identity theft or a cyberattack
  • A 24/7 legal assistance hotline
  • Reimbursement for fees related to restoring your identity
  • Compensation for costs stemming from the repair or replacement of a personal computer’s hardware or software, a mobile computing device, a home connected device, or restoring data incurred as a direct result of a cyberattack or cyber extortion.
  • Compensation for loss of income

You can also rest assured knowing that there is no deductible for using S.O.S. Identity, and using the service doesn’t count as a claim for your insurance history.

We also updated our personal liability protection so you can get greater insurance coverage for the equipment you use for your work.

With S.O.S. Identity, you’ll have access to:

A 24/7 legal assistance hotline
From identity theft issues to employment and family law, get answers to all your questions with professional legal advice at any time.

A coverage for the whole family
S.O.S. Identity, your coverage extends to other people living in your home from your spouse to relatives, and all persons under 18 in your care. Even your children will be covered while living temporarily away from home to attend college or university.

How can I add S.O.S. Identity to my home insurance policy?

If you’re not already a belairdirect customer, get a quote for homeowners insurance, condo insurance, or tenant insurance and get the right coverage for your needs. Once enrolled, add the S.O.S Identity coverage to your policy.

Already a client? Add the optional S.O.S. Identity coverage to your policy by calling us at 1.833.964.2757 1.833.938.3475 1.833.551.2177 1.833.508.2090 .

Don’t ever feel out of control of your identity again

Get your life back on track and keep your identity safe.

Frequently asked questions about S.O.S. Identity

Need some answers before adding S.O.S. Identity to your home insurance coverage? We’re here to help.

Identity theft can affect your insurance the same way it affects your credit score. In fact, because some insurers may perform a credit score check, victims of identity fraud may find themselves paying more for insurance coverage for something they are not responsible for. Identity thieves may also try to make insurance claims using a victim’s coverage, which can also affect premiums and claims.

Using S.O.S. Identity does not count towards your claims history and will not affect your premium.

There is no deductible when you use the S.O.S. Identity insurance coverage. You will only need to pay your yearly fee.

Victims of identity theft could experience the following:

  • Misuse of your social insurance number or personal information
  • Misuse of your postal address and rerouting or theft of mail
  • Opening a line of credit or applying for credit in your name without your authorization
  • Unauthorized charges to your credit card or use of your credit card number
  • Stolen cheques or counterfeit cheques
  • Opening bank accounts in your name without authorization
  • Cloned debit cards or credit cards
  • Use of a stolen passport or counterfeit passport
  • False civil or criminal judgements made in your legal name
  • Theft of your personal information through hacking or phishing techniques

Contact your local law enforcement if you have questions about an incident or you believe to be a victim of identity theft. For more tips on preventing identity fraud, visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website.

Yes, you need to be insured with belairdirect to be able to sign up for S.O.S. Identity. S.O.S. Identity is available as an optional part of belairdirect’s home insurance coverages, which include homeowner’s insurance, condo insurance, and tenant insurance. Talk to a belairdirect insurance agent if you still have questions.

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