DIY basement ideas to level up your home entertainment

Fun basement reno tips, from a cinematic home theatre to DIY nook decor

Learn how to turn an underutilized basement into your dream entertainment den with these simple basement reno tips. Whether it’s the ultimate home theatre, a snack or wine bar, or a DIY nook for hobbies, make it happen with basement ideas that bring the fun home.

idea 1: DIY a home theatre

Get better movie nights with a cinema-inspired basement makeover. Here’s how to choose the best wall colours, materials, lighting and screen set-up for a totally theatrical experience.

dark walls & acoustic panels

Dark basement wall colours make for better movie watching while upholstered panelling absorbs sound as well as light. For this DIY, mount individual lightweight panels without completely covering the walls. Be conscious of materials, as not all are mold- or fire-safe. Tip: you can find acoustic panels designed for home use at major hardware stores.

spotlight your screen

For a “cinema” screen feel, invest in a projector and paint a contrasting white area on the opposite wall or suspend a projection screen that can be tidily stowed away. While you’re at it, update your inventory of valuables.



dim the lights

For basement lighting, dimmable light fixtures and shaded wall sconces are an affordable and easy DIY that improve viewing and instantly upgrade the look of your space. Keep in mind that changing existing light fixtures is one thing, but if you’re adding new ones, you will need to hire a contractor to ensure your circuit can handle the extra load and everything is installed to code.


idea 2: make a snack or wine bar

family snack station

Make games nights, playoffs and family movies more fun with a snack station. You can DIY built-in storage, but a cart or rack makes your snack bar portable. Stylish containers keep snacks fresh and organized and give goodies a candy-store appeal.


home wine cellar

Cool basements make for great wine cellars. Show off your collection in an overlooked space. Think under-the-stairs wine storage with modular racks that mount on the wall. A tall tasting table might be just the thing to add.


idea 3: build a screen-free hobby pod

Create a cozy corner in your basement sanctuary to get away from screens and enjoy your favourite hobbies.

DIY audiophile nook

Making your own music pod will give you the perfect excuse to listen to those old vinyls or jam out on an instrument. Tips for this DIY decor project include adding built-in storage for records or creating cozy acoustics with an area rug or upholstered armchair.









library pod

Away from the action, basements are the perfect place to go analogue. Use existing furniture or add extra storage or built-ins to make a quiet book nook or space for a favourite activity.


Want to know how basement renos could increase the value of your home? Wondering what else you should look out for? Talk to our insurance agents before starting any home project and get the lowdown first. Don’t forget to share your own DIY tips for levelling up your home entertainment in the comments below!


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