Before and after: 3 creative DIY living room ideas

Transform your living room decor with these unique home reno tips

A home update can change the way you think. But changing the way you think can also help with your next home update. From a stunning (yet cheap!) particle board wall treatment to a DIY room divider or closet desk for small spaces, these unique living room decor ideas bring creativity to any living room transformation.

idea 1: remap boundaries

Divide one room across multiple purposes or open up small spaces or tight areas with easy tips to help redefine the limits of your living room.


DIY room divider

Section off a multifunctional living room or create a quiet zone in family homes with a wooden room divider. This DIY privacy screen looks sophisticated but is simple to build and install. Cut it to height and secure it to wall studs and ceiling beams for best results.



take out a wall

Open up space or bring in extra light by removing a wall. You’ll want to consult a contractor though, as they can help avoid doing structural damage or creating safety hazards.

divide with levels and rugs

Create divisions through flooring and turn one room into two with a split-level floor. Even easier, add rugs to your living room decor to show where one area ends and the other begins.


idea 2: rethink materials

Using unexpected materials can make for a striking, one-of-a-kind living space. Meanwhile, recycled and upcycled materials can reduce your spend and your environmental footprint.

particle board accent wall

Get designer-inspired living room walls at a hardware store price with particle board. Also called chip board or OSB, under $100 of this inexpensive building material is enough to create a stunning, eco-friendly living room accent wall.





Secure boards using anchors or drill into wall studs. But be sure to leave gaps between each section for fire safety.


wallpaper living room floors

For a bold look, easily refresh living room flooring with wallpaper. Prep your floors, apply the paper, then seal with at least four coats of polyurethane. Allow each coat to cure for 48 hours.

built-in pipe shelves 

Create built-in shelving using pipes and planks. This industrial-style DIY is easy to customize and install. As always, ensure you’re using wall studs to fasten the structure for ultimate stability.


idea 3: reimagine space

Make the most of underutilized areas within small spaces and shared living areas by reappropriating closets, cupboards and corners.









DIY desk or closet office

Working from home? Create a DIY desk in an unused closet by setting boards on suitable supports secured to the wall via studs or anchors. Add as many overhead shelves as you like to your closet office using the same technique.

corner dry bar

Turn a cupboard or corner into an at-home dry bar. Easily slide a bar cart into the area, install a hanging glass rack or put in a shelf for bottle storage.


Curious how a living room reno could increase the value of your home? Wondering what else you should know when tackling a DIY? Talk to our insurance agents before starting any home project to get the lowdown first. And share your creativity by showing us how you bring inspiration to your home updates in the comments below!