An unexpected event that ends up causing harm to people and/or damage to their property.

An unplanned event that ends up causing harm to people and/or property.

At-fault accident

When you’re considered responsible for an accident you’re involved in.


A caregiver who helps an injured person get through the tasks of their daily routine.

Catastrophic injury

An extremely serious injury that can end up as a permanent disability or long-lasting medical condition that fundamentally changes someone’s life.

Civil liability

Your financial responsibilities when your actions cause harm to someone and/or damage to their property.


A formal request to an insurance company to be compensated for an injury or loss.


When a vehicle strikes another vehicle or object.


A specific sum deducted from a loss that you need to assume. This is figured out when you buy your policy.


Someone, often a family member, who depends on another person for financial support.


When something goes down in value because of wear and tear, age, or by becoming obsolete.


An addition, exclusion or modification made to your standard insurance policy.


An individual between an insurance company and a consumer.


Your financial responsibilities when your actions cause harm to someone and/or their property.

One-way coverage

Standard coverage that is required by law, such as Liability and Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD).

This is having Civil Liability Coverage

Partial loss

When a car is damaged but not completely destroyed.


A binding contract that outlines all the coverage you’re getting from an insurance company.


The amount you pay to an insurance company for your coverage.


An unexpected event that can cause injury or loss.


What an insurance company pays out for your covered claim.

Third-Party liability

This covers you if your car hurts someone and/or damages their property.

Total loss

When something is damaged beyond use or repair.


A person who looks at all your situation, evaluates your risks and calculates your premium.


Something you sign to surrender one of your rights.

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