What to do if your car is a total loss

A vehicle is a “total loss” when the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle. Here are the steps to follow when you find yourself in such a situation.

Contact your claims adjuster

Talk to your claims adjuster first. They will then contact you to inform you of the next steps. Then locate all the required documents. You will be asked for a copy of your registration documents, sales or rental agreement, or invoices for repair work.


Evaluate the value of your vehicle

Determine the value of your vehicle. As soon as your claims adjuster receives the requested documents, they can tell you the market value of your vehicle.


Total loss

Once you receive confirmation that your vehicle is a total loss, empty it of all your personal effects. Then give your consent so that your vehicle can be transported to one of our recycling companies. This will reduce costs, pending the settlement of your file. It is only then that your insurer becomes the owner of the vehicle.


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