Steps to follow when you are injured in an accident

Even if you are only slightly injured in an accident, make sure to follow these steps. You may not have yet realized the full extent of your injuries, so it’s better to be prudent.

Immediately after the accident

Are you hurt? Take a few minutes to see if you or your passengers are injured. Your health is the priority. Then, move your vehicle. This is a matter of security. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe location away from traffic.


Once you are in a safe place, talk to the other driver involved in the accident, if there is one. Don’t accept responsibility. Even if you think you are responsible, don’t make decisions that you might regret later.


Before leaving the scene of the accident

Look for witnesses. If anyone saw the accident, you can ask for their contact details so they can confirm your side of the story.


Report the accident to the police afterwards. When the damage is slight and no one is injured, it is not necessary to report the accident. However, when there is damage, it is always a good idea to report the accident to the police.


After your car has left the scene

Go to the nearest repair shop. In most cases, if your vehicle is no longer running, a tow truck will drop it off at the nearest repair shop. To speed up the processing of your claim, you can call your insurer from the scene of the accident. Do not have your car repaired without speaking to your insurer.



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