Simple steps to prevent major water damage

Water damage isn’t something you think much about – until it happens to you. It can be quite the headache!  Here are a few simple steps you can take to become a water damage prevention pro inside your home.

Check on your washing machine and dishwasher

It’s probably been a while since you first hooked up your washing machine. Since then, how many times have you checked to see whether everything is connected properly? The same goes for your dishwasher, which some of you run all the time! The agitation of washing machines and  the wear and tear on appliances can be hard on the connections and the pipes. If you can’t reach your dishwasher’s connections, please have a professional look into it periodically!

Also, you should never leave the appliances running while away or while you sleep. Water damage will be worse if it occurs while you’re away from home!

Don’t get attached to your water heater

After 10 years, it’s potentially time to bid your water heater a fond farewell, if possible! If you rent your water heater, speak with your rental provider about this! You need to consider changing it before you wind up with an unpleasant surprise.

Keeping warm during winter

Pipes can freeze in cold winter weather, so it’s important to keep your home warm enough to prevent glacial temperatures from wreaking havoc with your plumbing!

Heading south? Don’t forget about your house!

If you are leaving winter behind for even a few days, call your insurer. Apart from wishing you bon voyage, they will tell you how maintain your coverage and protect your home. You will need to have someone stop by in your absence to make sure the heating is working or shut off the water supply and drain all the pipes as well as any appliances or equipment containing water.

The number of days that you can leave your home unattended and still be covered by your policy depends on your home province and your insurance company. Prevention is always essential, so be sure to phone your insurer before you jet off somewhere!

Sump pumps and backflow valves  

These two items should be regularly inspected by a plumber to make sure they are in good working order.


Set a regular reminder and make sure you go through this checklist! Prevention is essential when talking about water damage!