What do I do if I am injured in an accident?

If you are even slightly hurt in an accident, please follow the following steps. You may not realize the full extent of your injuries until later, so it’s best for you to be as safe as possible. We’ll be ready to support you.
-Call emergency services to the site of the accident and have them write out an accident report.
-As soon as possible, you should visit a doctor for an examination. In addition to making sure you’re okay, your doctor should list all symptoms relating to your motor vehicle accident in your medical report. In Quebec, have your doctor send you all reports to the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (the “SAAQ”, Quebec’s public automobile insurance plan).
-Call us. We’ll start your claim and support you through each step of the process until your claim is completed.
-Share medical information. On disclosure of injuries, you will be assigned an Accident Benefit Adjuster, who will handle all matters related to your injuries. They will review your benefits and provide you with the necessary forms required to be completed in order to start the payment of your benefits.