How do I know if my online session is encrypted?

You know that your data has been encrypted on a given Web page by looking for the following icons in the lower portion of your browser:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox display the icon on the lower right corner of the browser. In addition, Safari displays the icon in the upper left navigation toolbar.

With Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox you can click on the icon to determine what level of encryption is being used for a particular Web page.

We ensure all online sessions with belairdirect are encrypted.

Please note the installation, downloading, or use of certain software may result in the ability of third parties being able to analyse or collect your information by redirecting secure transmissions through their servers. While we will endeavour to protect all information as much as possible by notifying you of such redirection and by blocking access when such software is detected by belairdirect, we cannot guarantee the security and privacy of any information should you decide to use such software, and belairdirect shall not be liable due to its inability or failure to provide notice of redirection of your information, or for its inability or failure to block access when such software is detected. You acknowledge that belairdirect will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of such software irrespective of whether we are aware of such risks.