Cottage Life simplified: DIY Planter Box video

Turning everyday things into creative new objects has never been more simple thanks to Adam Holman from Cottage Life, as he drums up some quirky and fun DIY projects that you can easily do. Here’s his second creation, a DIY planter box! 


Materials Needed:



2x2 Pressure treated wood

Pressure treated fence boards

Deck screws (1 5/8) (2 1/2)

Rocks (drainage)



STEP 1 - Cut 4 fence boards to 3 feet

STEP 2 - Cut 4 legs at 14 inches

STEP 3  - Screw legs to sides

STEP 4 - Cut 4 end pieces at 12 inches

STEP 5 - Cut inside rails (approx. 30 inch)

STEP 6 - Cut inside braces for top of rails (TIP - pre-drill holes)

STEP 7 - Cut 3 foot boards to hold soil (TIP - use scrap 2x2 to cut corners out)

STEP 8 - Drill drainage holes

STEP 9 - Add drainage rocks

STEP 10 - Plant

Click here to watch the first episode, a smoker made from flower pots!