Car rental insurance simplified: 3 questions and answers

Ah, road trips. The freedom of the open road. The exciting destination. The car karaoke and laughs along the way. While it’s fun planning the playlists and snacks, don’t forget to make sure you’re properly insured when picking up a rental car. Confused about whether you have coverage or need to purchase more? Don’t worry. We have the answers!


Do I need extra coverage?

  • As a credit card holder, you may have coverage when renting a car. You’ll probably be covered for collision or theft if you’re the one renting the car with your card. However, you probably do not have coverage for third-party liability in the event you injure someone or damage their property. This can vary, so be sure to check with your credit card company!
  • If you’re planning on getting coverage from the rental car company, it’s easy to add on the spot when you pick up the car. They generally offer a variety of options of coverage and deductibles.
  • You may also be covered through your personal car insurance policy if you and any other drivers on your policy have a “liability for damage to non-owned automobiles endorsement.” To find out if you have this coverage with your belairdirect policy, check your Autocomfort package (Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia) or Plus Pac package (Alberta) details.
    TIP! If you are covered by your insurer, this can be a more economical option, since your policy deductibles usually apply.


Where and when am I covered?

  • Regardless of where you get your coverage, it’s important to check if there are any limitations on where you can take the car. For example, with your personal car insurance policy, coverage applies in Canada and the U.S., but not in Mexico or anywhere overseas.
  • Coverage from your credit card or through the rental company may have similar limitations, including needing permission to cross borders. If your travels take you abroad, be sure to confirm this information with the rental or credit card company before your vacation starts!
  • As for when you’re covered, simply call your credit card company or personal car insurance company in advance to ensure that you have coverage. With a car rental company, you’re good to go on the spot! Just be sure to check that you’re covered for the entire duration of your trip.


Why should I plan ahead?

  • It’s simple! You want your vacation to be as perfect as you pictured it. Drive safe and enjoy your trip!


Suzanne Muise

Suzanne has been working in the insurance industry since 2003 and has completed both her CIP and her FCIP designations.She is currently the Training Consultant for the Training and Customer Service Delivery department at belairdirect.


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