5 ways to optimize your driving habits for Spring

You may be breathing a sigh of relief that winter driving is firmly in your rear-view mirror, but the erratic weather of spring can provide its own set of challenges. Here are some things to look out for, and tips for making your spring a safe one.

1- Potholes

Of course the biggest problem this time of year is those frustrating potholes, which can turn even the most familiar of roads into a dangerous obstacle course. Accidents can happen when you’re trying to swerve to avoid one, so always be mindful of the cars around you. The best method of prevention is to call your municipality whenever you see a pothole, and to keep your vehicle’s tires properly inflated so they’re more prepared to sustain a bump.

Drive slowly and keep your distance in order to see potholes well in advance. Be careful and stay focused on the road. If you hit a big pothole, have your tires, wheels and suspension checked by a professional, because your vehicle may have taken some serious damage.

2- Sharing the road

Don’t just be wary of other autos. Expect more cyclists to be on the road, and get re-accustomed to sharing the road with our friends on two wheels. Don’t forget about animals either, who are out of hibernation.

3- Switch at the right time

Rarely is being lazy considered sound advice, but a helpful trick in some regions is to keep those winter tires on just a bit longer than usual. The roads can still be slushy and have residual salt and sand, so any extra traction you can get could help.

4- It's pouring

Spring weather also means showers, so when dealing with slick conditions, be especially cautious just as the rain starts falling, because that’s when roads are particularly slippery. There’s a good chance your wipers got bent out of shape during the winter, so replace them and avoid getting those annoying streaks on your windows. If you encounter a flooded road, remember that your car can't swim: find an alternate route.

5- Insurance matters

The good weather means you’ll be more inclined to hit the road, but the sun and gentle breeze aren’t safeguards against potential accidents. Make sure your car insurance is up to par - that way you’ll have one less thing to worry about.