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Your home is your sanctuary. Keep it that way. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the people you love and the things you cherish will be taken care of if anything beyond your control were to happen. Whether you're a tenant, a condo owner or a homeowner, you can start with our standard coverage and then customize your options to best suit your unique needs.

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Your home insurance doesn’t just cover the place you live and the things you own, it also protects you, everywhere you go in the world.

That’s because your belairdirect home insurance has two parts to it: one part that covers damage to your property because of things like fire, theft or vandalism, and another part that covers you in case someone is hurt or their property is damaged.

Standard Coverage

There are two types of standard coverage for your home. Choose the standard coverage that best meets your needs.

Type 1: Designated Property Damage Risk

You can choose from two types of coverage with belairdirect: the first is Designated Property Damage coverage, and the second is All Risk coverage, a more comprehensive coverage that covers almost all risks.

Designated Property Damage coverage includes these main risks:

  • Theft, including the damage caused by attempted theft
  • Fire, lightning, explosion and smoke
  • Certain types of water damage that start inside your home
  • Hail and windstorms
  • Impact from a vehicle or aircraft
  • Impact by objects (as long as they’re not waterborne)
  • Damage to goods while they’re being transported
  • Weight of snow, ice or sleet
  • Collapse of your home or any part of it

 Type 2: All-Risk:

All Risk coverage includes the risks outlined in our Designated Property Damage coverage plus these extra things :

All risks coverage protects you for any risk that is not specifically excluded by your policy.  It is the most comprehensive policy we offer and has broader coverage than the Named Perils policy.   Some of the additional coverage included would be:

  • Loss of your personal property (like if you lose your laptop while you’re on vacation)
  • Accidental breakage of your personal property (like if you drop your camera and it breaks when it hits the floor)

Liability Insurance

Whether you've got tenant, condo or homeowner insurance, your coverage includes Civil Liability. You can rest easy knowing you're covered for unexpected expenses that come up if someone is accidentally hurt or someone else's property is damaged because of something you did or something that happened in your home. These expenses could include:

Lawsuits (up to the maximum amount of insurance)

This covers things like your defence, settlements and other related payments.

Medical payments and expenses

These are voluntary medical payments up to $5,000 that happen within a year to cover surgery, dental  work, hospital stays, nursing care, ambulance service or funeral expenses.

Property damage

These are voluntary property damage payments for damage done unintentionally to someone else's  property (for example, if there's a fire in your home and the flames damage your neighbour's home)(for example, while working on your shed, you damage your neighbor’s fence).

And you've got the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Liability coverage follows you anywhere you go in the world.

Optional Coverage

Customize your policy by adding optional packages that cover more than just the basics.

Water Damage (Exterior, In-Ground Source)

With this coverage, your home will be protected if water suddenly and accidentally seeps enters into your home because of external events like backed-up sewers, failed sump-pumps or water main breaks.


This optional coverage protects against loss or damage caused directly by an earthquake, but not all of the damages that happen after the earthquake.

S.O.S. Identity®

Identity theft is a very real threat. Rest assured that with belairdirect’s SOS Identity®  you have access to assistance 24/7 and you're covered up to $25,000 per policy year for eligible identity restoration expenses.

Learn more about our identity theft coverage

Fire, Explosion, Smoke Post-Earthquake

With this optional coverage, you're protected against damage caused by fire, explosion or smoke following an earthquake.

Above-Ground Pools

If you’ve got an above-ground pool, semi-in ground pool, techno-wood pool or an inflatable pool, our Above-Ground Pools coverage protects it and the equipment you use to maintain it.

Water Service Pipe

This covers up to $10,000 of damage caused by a broken water service pipe. It also covers the cost of a replacement pipe.

Water Damage (Exterior, Above-Ground Source)

With this coverage, your home will be protected if water suddenly and accidentally seeps into your home because of external events like rain and snow, leaks, or overflowing eavestrough.

S.O.S Home®

Save money and simplify your life with the policy that covers your appliances, central systems and electronics in case they break down or unexpectedly fail.

Learn more about our appliance and electronics coverage

Escape of Residential Fuel Oil

If you have an oil tank as part of your heating system, this option will protect your home against damages to your property and surrounding soil caused by fuel oil escaping.

What’s covered

The standard Homeowners Comprehensive policy through belairdirect covers your home against:

  • Fire or Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Smoke damage
  • Vandalism or Malicious acts
  • Water damage*
  • Windstorm or Hail
  • Glass breakage
  • Theft
  • Collapse, including weight of ice, snow and sleet
  • Fuel oil escape

Additional events may also be included. Contact us for details.

There’s more to home insurance than insuring the four walls and the roof. It’s the fence and the garage, plus the risk of getting sued too. The standard Comprehensive Homeowners Policy through belairdirect was designed to cover these and more:

  • Dwelling building (the physical structure of your home)
  • Attached structures (attached garage, carport, outdoor pool, hot tub, etc.)
  • Detached structures (detached garage, shed, fence, etc.)
  • Personal property (furniture, appliances, electronics, clothes, etc.)**
  • Loss of use of your home (cost of accommodation, food, transportation if your home is unfit for occupancy or if you have to move)
  • Personal liability (protection against being sued for injury to someone or property damage)

Plus you’re also covered for:

  • Lock repair and replacement, if your keys are stolen
  • Debris removal
  • Spoiled food in your freezer
  • Fire department charges and more

There are still more reasons to choose belairdirect for your home insurance needs:

  • Minimum of $1,000,000 worldwide personal liability coverage
  • No deductible for claims over $100,000 $30,000
  • Replacement cost on personal property—have your personal property repaired or replaced with new articles without deducting for depreciation.

Do you live in a house that is part of a condominium corporation?

Your needs may be better served by Condominium Insurance. Speak to one of our agents and find the right coverage for you.

Do you live in an apartment or other type of rental unit?

You may think you don’t need insurance at all, but imagine the cost of replacing everything you own. Get proper coverage for liability and your personal belongings with affordable Tenants Insurance.

Do you live in an apartment or other type of rental unit?

You may think you don’t need insurance at all, but imagine the cost of replacing everything you own. Get proper coverage for liability and your personal belongings with affordable Tenants Insurance

Extras to consider

Your home insurance needs may go beyond our standard Homeowners Comprehensive policy. Get extra protection for just a few dollars a month.

My Name® Identity Theft Assistance Plus

It takes a thief only a few hours to assume your identity—but it can take you several months, even years, to restore your good name.  With more and more ways to steal your identity, My Name®  Identity Theft Assistance Plus provides protection that is needed more than ever. Simply call us at 1.877.220.6068 1.877.220.6069 to help restore your identity, get legal information and arrange expense reimbursement.

Sewer backup coverage

Combine your city or municipality’s aging infrastructure with increasingly extreme weather conditions and sewer backup protection makes sense. Protect yourself against expenses for cleanup and repairs after sewer backup water damage.

My Garden®

You take pride in your home, both inside and out. Protect your garden paradise. MY GARDEN® protects your trees, shrubs, plants, lawn and other landscaping elements such as rocks, ponds and patios. It also provides additional coverage for design fees and expenses associated with creating your garden.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

The Personal Umbrella Coverage through belairdirect protects you with worldwidelegal liability insurance over and above your auto and home insurance policies if you're sued for causing bodily injury or property damage, defamation of character, libel or slander.

Free extras

Why not get more than the standard coverage you pay for? Get Buy home insurance through belairdirect and receive get these extras for free.

  • Flexible Payment Options – Choose your monthly payment date or ask about our no fee payment option.
  • 24/7 Claims Service – Receive fast, reliable assistance from a live claims representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let belairdirect take care of your insurance needs

Insure all the things you value through belairdirect and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of dealing with one company.

*Sewer backup coverage is excluded but specific coverage can be purchased.
**Valuables, collections and certain items may have coverage limits and specific dollar limits.

This is an overview of some of the benefits for which you may be eligible and is for informational purposes only. Some conditions, limitations, and exclusions may apply. Please refer to your Homeowners Insurance Policy, or contact us for full details of the coverage.

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