Tenants & Renters insurance

As a rentertenant, you can rest easy knowing your tenant insurance covers you in many different ways: starting at only $15 a month

  • Your personal property
    This includes the things you own, wear or use while you’re in your rented space, like jewelry, clothes, shoes and electronics.
  • Additional living expenses
    If your rental dwelling becomes unfit to live in due to a claim, you may be eligible for financial help to cover living expenses. You’re eligible for financial help if your apartment is considered unfit to live in or if you’re not allowed in  because the police are doing an investigation.The total you’re eligible for is 30% of the value of your belongings.If, as a result of damage by an Insured Peril, your dwelling is unfit for occupancy or you have to move out while repairs of insured damage are being made, you may be eligible for financial help to cover your living expenses.
  • Improvements you make
    If you are not the owner of the dwelling, we also insure dwelling improvements and betterments made by you or acquired at your expense (subject to landlord approval) but only in the portion you occupy as a private dwelling.

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