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Does home insurance cover working from home?

Your home is now also your office. This often creates an assumption that your home insurance will simply cover any incidents that occur under your roof, even while you’re working.

Because every home insurance policy is different and may have different coverages, the answer is: It depends, and you’ll need to talk to your insurance agent to understand what is covered within your policy.

Now that you’re spending more time at home and online, we’ve made several changes to our offerings to better suit your situation, give you access to enhanced cyber safety, and to help you save:

The coverages within our home insurance policy have been updated to add working from home as an acceptable business use for your premises.

The coverage limits for personal property pertaining to a business has been increased to $7,500.

This means that you can continue working from the comfort of your home with reassurance.

Always remember to talk to your insurance agent if your situation changes and specify what type of work you’ll be conducting within your home, apartment, or condo.

Does working from home affect your homeowners insurance?

Working from home can affect your homeowner’s insurance depending on the coverages included in your policy.

Many home insurance policies have stipulations voiding coverage if the policyholder is using their home for business purposes.

Although things have changed in recent months, it is always recommended that you inform your insurer of any changes to your work situation.

Talk to a belairdirect agent if you have any questions.

Safety tips that can protect you while working from home

Working from home can be a challenge at times, but there are a few ways that can help keep you secure.

Secure your home internet connection.
Change the default password on your home router, use a VPN, and use a personal data hotspot instead of public Wi-Fi when working with sensitive data.

Keep sensitive documents in a locked filing cabinet.
Treat sensitive papers and materials with care by storing them in a locked cabinet as you would at your office.

Keep your home office computer up-to-date.
Keep your antivirus software up-to-date and update your OS whenever prompted by your computer.

Invest in a home security system.
If you have expensive office equipment within your home, a home security system can a good investment.

How to add S.O.S. Identity to your home insurance policy

1 Get a quote

You’ll need to be insured with belairdirect to be able to take advantage of S.O.S Identity. Get a quote for homeowners insurance, condo insurance, or tenant insurance.

2 Add S.O.S. Identity to your policy

Add the optional S.O.S. Identity coverage to your policy by calling us at 1.833.964.2757 1.833.938.3475 1.833.551.2177 1.833.508.2090

3 Rest assured knowing that your identity is safe

With S.O.S. Identity, your identity is secure. You’ll pay no deductible, and using the service will not constitute a claim on your insurance policy.

Keep your home office safe with home insurance from belairdirect.

*Please refer to your insurance policy for further details regarding specific benefits for your province.

Frequently asked questions about S.O.S. Identity

Need some answers before adding S.O.S. Identity to your home insurance coverage? We’re here to help.

When getting a home insurance quote, you’ll need to specify what kind of work you’ll be conducting within your home.

Your home office is located within your residence. No matter if you work from your condo, your house, or your apartment, your home office could be covered through homeowners insurance or tenant insurance if you regularly perform office work.

For an insurer, it is important to distinguish between work from home and running a business.

Work from home means work of an office nature undertaken by you, as an employee, remotely from your residence rather than from the office of your employer, whether on a full-time or part-time basis.

A business means any continuous or regular pursuit undertaken for remuneration including a trade, profession or occupation.

Do you run a home-based business, or do you work for an employer? What kind of equipment will be housed within your home while working?

Consult your insurance policy for any property damage limits and consult an insurance agent if you have any questions.

If you work for yourself and run a business from your home, residential home insurance may not cover you for specific damages. Because a standard home insurance policy normally has stipulations that prohibit running a commercial business from a residential property or using part of your house for business purposes, an accident that stems from running said business could void your coverage.

This could include anything involving business equipment or industrial supplies, like a home-based mechanic or a beauty salon, to web design, programming, or architecture.

Regular home insurance also doesn’t include commercial general liability coverage or professional liability coverage (also known as Errors and Omissions coverage), which can protect business owners from a lawsuit. In the event that you make a mistake on the job or sensitive client data gets exposed, you could find yourself in hot water without the right coverage.

To ensure that you have the best insurance coverage for your situation, consider looking into business insurance coverage. This type of coverage could protect you from costly damages or lawsuits stemming from honest mistakes.

Even though the line between work and home life has been blurred, there is a difference between a residence and a commercial property.

Talk to an insurance agent and see what kind of coverages are best for your home-based business.

Yes, you will need to be insured with belairdirect to be able to sign up for S.O.S. Identity, as it is available as an optional part of belairdirect’s home insurance coverages. These include homeowner’s insurance, condo insurance, and tenant insurance.

Talk to a belairdirect insurance agent if you still have questions.

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