Manage your insurance online, anytime

Take control of your coverage with the help of our user guides and tutorials. Learn how to modify coverage, pay your insurance bill, store a vehicle, and more with simple step-by-step instructions.

Estimate your insurance costs
Estimate your insurance costs

See how much home or auto insurance could cost you by getting an online estimate.

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Create your profile and log in

Learn how to create your profile and log in on the belairdirect app or online, so you can manage your coverage and access insurance documents anytime.

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Download the App

Simplify your life by having your insurance information right in the palm of your hand.

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Activate Pink Slip

Get peace of mind knowing you always have your digital proof of insurance on you!

Activate automerit
Activate automerit

Make the most of the belairdirect app by activating your personalized car insurance premium and free perks.

Make a Payment Illustration
Make a Payment

Keep track of your insurance payments by paying your insurance bill online.

Modify My Policy Illustration
Modify My Policy

Modify your insurance coverage from your computer or smartphone.

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Store My Vehicle

Store your vehicle or get back on the road using the Client Centre.

Make a claim Illustration
Make a claim

Submit a claim for your home insurance or auto insurance, right from your computer or smartphone!

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Activate Crash Assist

Get assistance when you need it the most with Crash Assist.

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