Store your vehicle without losing essential insurance coverage

Store your car for the winter, without losing the insurance coverage that keeps it safe. It’s simple – you don’t even have to call us!

Adjust your insurance online when storing your vehicle

Whether you’re storing your convertible for the winter or getting ready to take your favourite sports car out of storage, you can manage your insurance coverage quickly and conveniently in the belairdirect app or Client Centre.

  • Store your vehicle without losing essential insurance coverage.
  • Take your car out of storage knowing that your coverage is up to date.
  • Keep the insurance coverages you need while saving on your premium.
  • Just remember that you can’t drive the car while your insurance is adjusted!

If you’re storing a vehicle, you could receive a credit towards your insurance premium, and save some money. You’ll keep the necessary insurance endorsements such as your civil liability coverage to keep it safe, without the coverages required when driving.

How to update your insurance when storing or
removing a vehicle from storage

Follow these steps to store your vehicle or remove it from storage:

  1. 1

    Log in to the belairdirect app, then tap on the vehicle you want to store or remove from storage.

  2. 2

    Tap the “Modify my Policy” button.

  3. 3

    Select “Store this car” or “Remove from storage” and tap “Get started”.

  4. 4

    Select a date to apply the changes to your insurance. If you’re taking your car out of storage, indicate the approximate number of kilometers that you will drive for the year with the vehicle.

  5. 5

    Review your information and click on “Submit”.

Store your vehicle or remove it from storage for the season

Frequently asked questions about storing a vehicle

Still have questions about storing your car or putting it back on the road? We’re here to help!

Yes, you do. Even though your vehicle won’t be on the road, there are still risks that could damage your vehicle and cost you money. By adjusting rather than simply stopping your coverage, you’re protected if your car gets damaged while in storage, such as by vandalism.

Any person who uses an insured vehicle or any person who operates any part of an insured vehicle is considered to be using it. This includes starting the vehicle, opening the doors or hood, and repairing the vehicle.

No, the credit will not cover 100% of your premium, because even if the insured person no longer uses the vehicle, belairdirect will continue to cover all other risks that are not related to driving or using the vehicle (e.g. theft or vandalism).

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