Sharing the road together

With more than 23 million cars on Canadian roads, it’s no wonder driving can be quite an experience. Every person behind the wheel has a unique story and a different path. Roadside stories celebrates this diversity. After all, we’re sharing the road, together.

Go the Extra Mile

When Jennifer arrived from Kenya, she took up car sharing while challenging exams to work in her field. A story of determination and human connections, which shows that miracles can happen on the road… if you’re willing to share it!

Road to Recovery

Sending a text message behind the wheel may seem harmless but it can have dramatic consequences. Distracted driving impacts the lives of Canadians like Jenev and Marc-André’s. See their journey and how they were able to turn a dramatic accident into an inspiring mission.

Distracted driving statistics, an infographic

Shift Gears

Meet Katrina (Trinidad), Emma (Sweden), Alex (Romania) and Rajiv (India). Four drivers who have something in common with more than 6 million Canadians: they all moved to Canada and adapted their driving style to their new country. Discover the ups and downs upon arrival, their reaction to snow and the perception they have of other drivers.

Did you know? Seven surprising facts about driving in Canada

Blaze a Trail

Catch a ride with Martin and his girlfriend Laura Lee, two Montrealers who left everything behind to embark on a road trip across the United-States and Canada. How is one changed by the road? See what is Martin’s take on life and driving in Canada after 19 000 km under his belt.

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Street Cred

What if you could witness the evolution of driving in Canada? Travel back in time with Alyn, a passionate collector who owns more than 27 vintage cars. You can’t imagine how much things have changed since then.

The history of the automobile, from the first driver’s licence to driverless cars

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