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bumpr by belairdirect

Stay focused on the road ahead and let bumpr by belairdirect take control of your mobile.

Automatically turns on when you need it

bumpr uses your phone's accelerometer and GPS to automatically detect when you're on the move and activates itself when you go beyond 20 km/h.

An automatic answering machine for your incoming texts

Choose among a large selection of automatic SMS and MMS replies, telling your contacts that you'll get back to them once you've arrived at your destination.

Choose which apps to block

bumpr even lets you choose which apps to block, allowing you to accept incoming calls if your car is equipped with a Bluetooth system.

Notification history and usage statistics

  • Retrace all blocked notifications from your five most recent trips.
  • Discover who tries to contact you most often with the Top Offenders section.
  • Keep an eye on your progress and share your results with your social networks.

Suggest new automatic replies on social media using #bumprapp.


bumpr was built for the Android Operating System (OS) version 4.3 or greater. We also strongly recommend that you use bumpr with a text messaging and data plan. For each text message blocked, bumpr will notify your friends with a funny text message (or animation) letting them know that you are on the road. Also, even if your friends send you 10 text messages, they'll only receive your pre-selected message once! We wouldn't want them to find you annoying!

No. bumpr only uses GPS to determine the rate of speed at which the device is moving and does not report your location.

bumpr has an override function that allows you to turn it off with a simple swipe. In your settings, you can decide which applications and functions you want to block, including incoming phone calls!

Nothing! bumpr is a FREE download. However, we strongly recommend that you have a text and data plan, as the application will send pre-selected text messages [and/or images] to your friends while you are driving.

All your messages are safely stored in your phone and will be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. Open the application and go to My History. You will find all blocked messages neatly organized by application.

No more than any other app. bumpr was designed to minimize interactions and thus limit battery drain. For instance, bumpr will wait 7 minutes before checking if the phone is in motion, so that it doesn't start each time your car stops in traffic. Another example is the usage of "low lights" for the activated mode.

Not yet, but stay tuned for our next version, which will allow you to customize your answers and offer other new features.

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