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What you need to know to choose the right car insurance in Alberta

What factors into the calculation of your premium in Alberta?

Age, gender, driving record and experience are some of the factors that can affect your car insurance quote in Alberta. It's also important to note that your driving habits and distances travelled each day, as well as the car you will be driving, factor into your car insurance premium. Being a safe driver with a strong driving record will help you save on your car insurance.

Is car insurance required in Alberta?

Yes. Car insurance is a legal requirement across Alberta. When occasionally lending your vehicle to someone else, for example to a friend, your policy is covering them. But be careful, if this occasional driver has an accident with your car, it will impact your insurance policy.

Who regulates Alberta's auto insurance rates?

The Automobile Insurance Rate Board and the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance are responsible for the regulation of auto insurance and rates.

How can I get cheaper auto insurance in Calgary, Edmonton and across Alberta?

There are many ways to decrease your premium and save big on your car insurance! Being a safe and responsible driver with a strong driving history, obtaining a licence from a certified driving school, insuring all of your vehicles within the same company, and taking advantage of home and auto insurance bundling plans are some methods that could help you lower your insurance rates. Check out our dedicated page to help you save of insurance!

What's the minimum liability requirement for Alberta car insurance?

In order to register your automobile, Albertans are required to carry a minimum of $200,000 in third-party liability insurance.

If you are implicated in a car accident in Alberta, should you call the other driver's insurance company to check on their insurance policy?

Regardless of who may be at-fault in an accident, your insurer will always pay for any damages to your automobile. This is made possible due to Alberta's no-fault auto insurance system. In case of accident, call your insurer! We'll be able to assist you during this situation.

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