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We offer customized insurance plans to drivers from Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and all the way to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Enjoy great rates and smart digital features that make buying car insurance online easier than ever. Whenever you need help with a claim, we’ll be there to support you, 24/7. Whether you drive an SUV, minivan, truck or sedan, you can find great deals and the coverage you need with belairdirect.

What are the types of car insurance coverage in Canada?

Every province in Canada has different requirements for car mandatory insurance coverage. For example, in Quebec the only mandatory coverage is Civil Liability Coverage. In Ontario and Alberta, all drivers are required by law to have Liability Coverage, Accident Benefits Coverage, Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Direct Compensation Property Damage. Looking to level up? You can also choose from our wide range of standard and optional insurance options based on your car, lifestyle and budget.

Mandatory car insurance coverage in Canada

Your province has mandatory car insurance coverage that is required by law for all drivers.


Civil Third Party liability coverage

Pays for damage done to others or damages to your car when you’re not at-fault for the accident. Pays for property damage or injuries to others when you cause an accident.


Accident Benefits Insurance

Provides financial compensation, including medical expenses, if you're hurt or killed in a car accident.

Covers medical costs, rehabilitation costs and provides financial compensation for injury or death caused by an accident.


Uninsured and Unidentified Automobile Coverage

Covers injury and damage to your vehicle following an accident caused by an uninsured vehicle.


Direct Compensation Property Damage

Pays for damage to your car and the property inside it when someone else causes the accident.

Standard car insurance coverage in Canada

Get additional protection for damage to your vehicle with these standard auto insurance coverage options.


Accident Benefits

Provides financial compensation, including medical expenses, if you're hurt or killed in a car accident.


Collision and or Upset

Pays for repairs to your car when you're responsible for hitting someone or something with your car.

Pays for repairs or replacement costs when you hit something on the road.

It covers:

  • collision with another car
  • hitting an object
  • collision with a person or an animal
  • car flips over
  • damage caused by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver
  • hit-and-run accident

Learn more about direct collision and upset


All Perils other than Collision or Upset Comprehensive coverage

Covers broken glass and all damage not related to a collision or if your car flips over.

Pays for repairs when your car is damaged by something other than a collision or upset.


All Perils

Combines Collision or Upset and Comprehensive coverage.


Specific Specified Perils

Protects your car against specific types of damage and theft.

Optional car insurance coverage in Canada

Extend your auto insurance to match your driving style and your car with these optional add-ons.


Accident Forgiveness

Prevents the price of your insurance from going up as a direct result your first two at-fault accidents.

Learn More about accident forgiveness


belairdirect roadside assistance®1

Provides 4 emergency services per membership year when you run into trouble on the road.



Offers several options to expand your protection in case of an accident.

Offers coverage options to expand your protection in case of an accident.


Replacement cost protection New car protection

Replaces your car with a new car with similar specifications, accessories and equipment, if the car is stolen or damaged beyond repair.

Also known as Removing Depreciation Deduction (OPCF 43) (43R/L)

Removes the depreciation deduction from the value of the car when it’s damaged or a total loss.

Get a quick car insurance quote and buy online

Buying auto insurance online has never been easier with belairdirect!

  • 1 Get a quick quote Get a car insurance quote online in just a few minutes. You don’t even have to talk on the phone!
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How to get cheaper car insurance in Canada

Insurance companies use a whole range of factors to calculate your premium. Here’s what you can do to get cheaper car insurance!

Bundle your home and car insurance

Getting your home and car insurance with a single insurance company will allow you to save both time and money!

Increase your deductible

Increasing your deductible can help you get a lower monthly car insurance premium. If you rarely make any claims, this will save you money in the long run.

Choose a car with safety features

A car that’s equipped with safety features like blind spot monitoring, crash prevention or an anti-theft alarm can help you get cheaper car insurance, as you’re less likely to get into an accident or have your car stolen.

Reduce your mileage

Reducing how far and how often you drive should make your car insurance premium cheaper. If possible, use public transportation or carpool for your commute – it’s better for the environment too!

Drive together, save together

Do you have several family members or even roommates in your household who drive? Having them all insured with the same insurance company can help lower your premium.

Park your car in a safe place

Parking your car in a garage or driveway can protect your car from theft or vandalism, and get you a discount on your car insurance!

Auto insurance discounts available in Canada

Online savings

Save even more on your car insurance when you get a quote online!2

Bundle Car + Home

You can save up to 25% on your home insurance and up to 20% 15% on your car insurance when you combine both policies!

You can save up to 10%12.5%15%2 on your car insurance and up to 15%2 on your home insurance when you combine both policies with belairdirect!

You can save up to 15% when you combine your home, condo, or tenant insurance and car insurance with us.

Multi-vehicle discount

The more the merrier! If you're a household with more than one vehicle, you could get a multi-vehicle discount of up to 15%17%25%2.

The more the merrier! If you're a household with more than one vehicle, you could get a multi-vehicle discount of up to 10% 15%.


Get a personalized premium based on your driving habits with automerit. The safer your drive, the more you could save!

Electric vehicles

Eco-friendly choices reduce your insurance payment as well as your emissions. Save up to 20% when you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.

See all discounts

Get smart digital perks with the belairdirect car insurance app

With the belairdirect app, you get so much more from your car insurance. Manage your insurance anytime and access proof of insurance on the go. Get a personalized premium based on your driving habits with automerit, as well as smart digital features that help keep you safe on the road.

With the belairdirect app, you get instant access to your car insurance wherever you are. Manage your insurance anytime and access your digital proof of insurance on the go!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about car insurance in Canada

The average cost of car insurance in Canada varies from $717 per year in Quebec to $1832 in British Columbia. Car insurance rates depend on your province, as well as a wide range of factors that insurance companies use to calculate your premium.

Experienced drivers have fewer accident claims, so they can have cheaper insurance. Car insurance tends to be the most expensive for young for drivers under 25 and is cheapest for more experienced drivers aged 30-70. Drivers over 70 might see their insurance rate start to increase again, as their risk level increases.

Being a new driver in Canada means you'll need insurance coverage. Due to your lack of a driving record, your rates may be higher than someone with several years of experience. Statistically speaking, young adults and teenagers between the ages of 20 to 24 are more likely to be involved in accidents resulting in injuries or death.

Electric vehicles are more expensive than comparable gas-powered vehicles, which means they can be more expensive to insure. However, many insurance companies offer special discounts for hybrid and electric vehicles, so your insurance doesn't have to be expensive. The best way to determine the cost of auto insurance for a particular electric vehicle model is to get a quote with insurance companies.

SUVs, crossovers and minivans are usually cheaper to insure as they are designed for families with safety in mind. These types of vehicles tend to have more experienced, safer drivers. Used vehicles are also usually cheaper to insure than new vehicles as they cost less to replace in case of an accident claim.

Luxury cars or sports cars are more expensive to insure because of the high cost to repair or replace them in case of a claim. They are also more prone to theft and have a higher likelihood of high-risk drivers with a need for speed!

If you want to add a secondary driver to your auto insurance policy so they can drive your car, you'll need to contact your insurance agent. Several criteria may affect how much the new driver will have to pay such as age, marital status, how long they’ve had their license and their driving experience. Having one of your children as a secondary driver is an excellent way to bring down their premiums while building their insurance history.

Make sure you compare car insurance rates to get the best deal on your car insurance in Canada. Shop around and compare auto insurance prices between the different insurance companies so you can find the best coverage for your requirements. Insurance policies are designed with loyalty in mind – when you bundle your car and home insurance under the same company, your premium will be substantially reduced. Here are some tips to get cheaper car insurance:

  • Increase your deductible
  • Shop around and compare car insurance quotes
  • Bundle car & home
  • Ask for group discounts
  • Work with a broker

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