Kid’s room ideas that turn a home update into child’s play

Make these imaginative playroom DIYs part of your next home project

Kid’s room decor shouldn’t be about interior design trends, it should be about out-of-this-world fun. From interactive kid’s wallpaper to tent hideouts and book nooks, these creative kid’s room ideas will help you turn a playroom DIY into a space where kids can imagine and escape.

idea 1: get artistic

Go ahead, draw on the walls! From wallpaper kids can colour to a vertical art station or magnet wall, these DIY playroom ideas encourage kids to get creative.

colour-in kid’s wallpaper

For little artists, colourable kid’s wallpaper is available in self-adhesive, removable, non-toxic and eco-friendly styles.

A few tips: start papering at a corner near a door, use a plumb line as you go and overlap the top and bottom edges by 2 inches, trimming excess later. When in doubt, ask a contractor.

vertical art station

Renting? A wall-mounted art station is a great small-space DIY. Hang a paper roll or chalkboard or whiteboard, attach supply bins directly to the wall, sit them on a shelf or hang them from a pegboard or coat hooks. Mount heavier items to wall studs and use anchors for lighter ones.

magnetic wall

For children who are old enough, a magnet wall is a tactile way to play with shapes, colours and letters. For this DIY, mount ¼” plywood to wall studs and overlay it with sheet metal using liquid nail glue. Add a wooden frame border for an attractive finish.


idea 2: play hide-and-seek

Children love exploring small spaces. Give them a fun hideout with an easy-to-hang textile canopy, tent or curtained nook.


drape a cozy kid’s tent

Create a cozy space to retreat from the activity of the grown-up world with a kid’s room tent or hanging canopy. Add comfy floor mats or pillows for moments of quiet downtime.

create a curtained hideaway

Nooks, corners and even closets can easily be emptied and curtained off to create space for anything from a secret clubhouse to a closet theatre for puppet performances. It’s show time!


idea 3: escape in a story

Stories offer kids a world of imagination and escape. Create a reading space where children can be surrounded by books and lose themselves in wonderful tales and adventures.



create a kid’s book nook

Arrange books in modular shelving around a comfy sitting area. Set up the space so it’s closed on at least two sides, creating privacy so kids can focus. Keep books accessible at a kid-friendly height while using wall studs to firmly secure in place any piece of furniture that could topple over, so little readers stay safe.


make a built-in library pod

Consider converting a closet or other narrow nook into a library pod by adding bookshelves on either side and building a bench across. Again, it’s important to play by the safety book and secure any object that poses a risk if it were to fall.


Wondering how a kid’s room DIY or playroom reno might affect the value of your home? Want to know what else you should look out for? Talk to our insurance agents before starting any home project. They can help with tips for young families and their homes. If you have any DIY tricks of your own for a successful kid’s room, be sure to share them in a comment!


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