What do I do if my car has been stolen?

“It’s a terrible feeling to discover that your vehicle has been stolen. We can help you to recover your belongings. Remember that in addition to your car, your insurance may cover some of the items inside it (as long as they were used only with your car).
-Check if your car was towed. Look at nearby signs to see if there are parking restrictions where you parked. You may want to call a towing company to double check that the vehicle was not towed.
-If you suspect your car has been stolen, report the incident to the police.
-If you have a tracking system or tracking device, call the company to begin a search for your vehicle.
-Call us. Our claims representatives can start your claim and help you decide what to do next.
-To process your claim properly, you’ll need to have these details ready: registration certificate, driver’s licence, purchase/rental contract, make/model/serial number of your car, invoices (for repairs, maintenance and added equipment) and keys. You should also make a list of the items that were in the vehicle when it was stolen.
-Talk to a claims adjuster. Within 24-48 hours of you opening your claim, a claims adjuster will call you to complete your statement.
When your car was stolen, it may have contained items that weren’t covered by your car insurance policy. However, they may be covered by your home insurance or other insurance policy, depending on your coverage”