Don’t let fuel prices fill you up with anger.

Are you one of those vacationers who had to ditch their travel plans because of rising fuel prices? Goodbye road trip, hello picnic!

If you simply can’t leave your car in the garage this summer, get your fill of these helpful tips so higher gas prices won’t ruin your fun in the sun. We’ll also provide you with some green advice if you’d prefer an alternative to driving there.

  1. GasBuddy: this is a driver’s best friend when you want to go from A to B without burning through your fuel budget. The app recommends the most efficient itineraries to help you use the least amount of gas possible. You can also make use of the new Eco-friendly routing feature from Google Maps to find the most fuel-efficient route to your destination. Not only can you view your fuel savings, you can also see any differences between the most fuel-efficient and fastest routes, allowing you to choose which one is best to get where you need to go.
  2. Early bird or night owl, head to the pumps: by filling up early in the morning or late at night, you get more fuel for your money. Why? Since fuel tends to expand in the heat, you end up with less in the tank if you fill up during the warmest time of day. The cooler it is out, the more compact fuel becomes.
  3. Adaptive driving: did you know you can reduce your fuel usage with just a few simple changes? Avoid accelerating and braking quickly, and make sure your tires are optimally inflated (same goes for bike tires, ’cause you never know…).
  4. A breath of fresh air: air conditioning increases fuel consumption. It’s more economical to drive with the windows down and enjoy the breeze.
  5. Drivers, stop your engines!
    Not driving? Turn your engine off, even if it’s only for a few seconds.
  6. Public transport: what would you say to no more traffic or parallel parking in front of a crowd? Public transport is a safe way to travel that’s far less expensive than taking a car. Whether it’s getting around the city or getting out of town, try taking the bus! It’s also a great way to finish that book you got as a gift. In 2019.
  7. Ride the subway: Whether it’s Montreal’s metro system or Toronto’s TTC, taking the subway is a quick, easy and highly economical way to get around the city. Purchase a ticket for a day or the weekend, or save more with monthly passes that give you unlimited access. Students, seniors and other groups enjoy discounted rates, and families can take advantage of options that let children ride free. Make the subway car your new favourite way to get around town!
  8. Bike: We’re not saying you should stop putting pedal to the metal, but rather you should think about changing your pedal altogether. So hop on your bike, pop on your helmet and give those calf muscles a workout. It’s good for your health…and the planet’s too. No bike? No problem! In Montreal, try BIXI, which offers season and weekend passes for solo trips that cost less than a litre of gas. It’s a great way to ride around Montreal, with money leftover in your pockets. Plus, it’s free on Sundays! Perfect for avoiding Sunday drivers on your way to brunch.
    In Toronto, Bike Share Toronto offers affordable ways to leave the car behind and bike your way around the city. Save time and money, plus access over 6,800 bikes spread across some 200 km2!

Try these tips to spend summer tanning instead of burning through your budget. After all, you’re in the driver’s seat!