Cottage Life Simplified: DIY Flower Pot Grill & Smoker video

Turning everyday things into creative new objects has never been more simple thanks to Adam Holman from Cottage Life, as he drums up some quirky and fun DIY projects that you can easily do. Here’s his first creation, DIY smoker, pots turned into a smoker. 



2 clay flower planters, BBQ gasket, U-Bolt (with nuts & washers), 4 wine corks, interlocking stone or brick, grate to hold hot charcoal, grilling grate, tinfoil, temperature gauge, charcoal, smoking chips for flavour.



Step 1:

Cut and fit Gasket to both bottom and top of planter rims

Step 2:

Add U BOLT as handle. (TIP - Drill pilot holes)

Step 3:

Drill holes for air flow (TIP - Drill pilot holes)

Step 4:

Shave wine corks to fit holes

Step 5:

Add brick and grate for charcoal

Step 6:

Add charcoal (TIP: To heat charcoal faster, use a Charcoal Chimney)

Step 7:

Add Smoking Chips (TIP Pre-soak for 20 min)

Step 8:

Add Grilling Grate

Step 9:

Cover drainage hole with tinfoil and add temperature gauge

Step 10:

Monitor air circulation with corks

Step 11:

Add food and enjoy