Create a DIY home spa with these easy bathroom ideas

Home reno meets relaxation: your spa bathroom how-to

The gentle sound of water, a refreshing mist in the air, the simple beauty of natural wood floors. If a spa day is something you want to experience every day, why not create your own at-home spa. It’s easier than you think with these simple bathroom reno ideas and DIY decor tips.

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idea 1: upgrade your bath

What’s a spa day without a relaxing soak? From all-new fixtures to quick fixes, give your bathroom a Scandinavian-inspired upgrade by updating your tub area.

Freestanding Soaking Bathtub


Bath Caddy Trayspa-style bathtub update

For spa-level comfort and style, put in a tub with extra depth or a sloped, rounded shape. But even if you think you know how to install a bathtub, this is one project you don’t want to completely DIY. Prevent water damage by enlisting a plumber or contractor.

Also know that removing a surrounded tub could entail wall renovations, and some tubs may be too heavy for your floors to structurally support. An inspection by a qualified professional will let you know for sure.

bathroom faucet refresh

A simpler, more affordable way to get spa style is with a faucet or tap update. You’ll still want a professional to help with this quick fix, however. For a real retreat experience, consider a waterfall-style tub tap or rain shower. Or feel good knowing you’re being eco-friendly with a water-saving model.

sensorial bathroom accessories

Spa decor is about creating a balance that relaxes the mind and stimulates the senses. Plush towels and a wooden stool or bath caddy invite you to linger for more “me” time while stones, candles and fragrant diffusers such as eucalyptus and lemongrass create a sensory experience inspired by nature. Enjoy your bathroom sanctuary, but don’t get so relaxed you forget about fire safety – extinguish any candles after you’re done.


idea 2: water-friendly flooring

There’s something decadent about spas’ natural, textured floors. Get the effect with DIY bathroom flooring ideas that play well with water.

Wood Floors Shower Detail


wooden-slat shower floor

Easily get Nordic-style wood floors with a removable wooden-slat shower platform. Use slim slats for an elegant design and opt for water-resistant wood like ipe or cedar. Choose a contained space where the platform can’t shift around but where you can get at it for cleaning.

grouted pebble bathroom tile

Smooth, rounded pebble flooring acts like a natural foot massage. Whether using loose stones or easy pebble mosaic sheets, this spa-inspired floor material can be grouted just like tile and works great in wet areas, like around tubs.


idea 3: lush greenery

Bring lush, living energy to your spa retreat with abundant greenery, from easy potted bathroom plants to full-blown vertical gardens.

Vertical Garden Plant

vertical garden wall

Bathrooms are ideal for a living plant wall. No need for complicated irrigation systems; securing closed planters to a vertical structure is easier and avoids leaks. A ladder-style form is sleek and will prevent moisture build-up. Make sure it can handle the weight or secure it to wall studs. Check and clean behind your planters from time to time.

potted bathroom plants

An even simpler approach is to cluster potted and hanging plants together for an indoor jungle effect. The more, the better. Good bathroom plants include varieties for low light or high humidity such as pothos, ferns and bromeliads.


Want to know how a bathroom reno could increase the value of your home? Curious what else you should look out for with your bathroom DIY? Talk to our insurance agents before starting any home project and get the lowdown first. And help spread the bliss: share how you DIY some at-home relaxation in the comments below!


Bonus! We've curated a playlist to add the perfect chill soundtrack to your home spa time. Switch off for 30 minutes and recharge to these soothing songs. To see all these ideas brought to life, be sure to check out our video.