CFL players tackle insurance coverage


Question: I have some valuable jewelry at home. Does my home insurance cover it?


Hey Odell,

Wow, that’s some serious bling!

Jewelry can be of great monetary and sentimental value, so you want to make sure that each meaningful piece is properly covered. For something as priceless as your championship ring, we would have to discuss the type of coverage that would best meet your needs. In Alberta and British Columbia, any piece of jewelry worth more than $10,000 should be added separately to a home insurance policy, whereas in Ontario, this applies to jewelry exceeding $3,000 in value. In Quebec, any piece valued at more than $2,000 should be added separately in order to be covered in case of theft.

If you can get your ring appraised, we’ll make sure this Grey Cup memorabilia is well protected!

Erik T.,
Licensed insurance agent, British Columbia




Question: Hypothetically speaking, if I broke my neighbour’s window, is it covered by my home insurance?


Hi Sean,

At least your neighbour could keep the football as a CFL keepsake! If you were to break his window with your powerful kick, your home insurance policy could have you covered! In Alberta and British Columbia, we offer Voluntary Property Damage coverage up to $500 for unintentional damages to someone else’s property whereas for Ontario and Quebec, the coverage can go up to $1,000. But, may we suggest you practice your kicks far from residential areas?

Kwasi B.,
Licensed insurance agent, Alberta




Question: I keep my lucky helmet in my car with me at all times. Is it covered in case of theft?


Hi Luc,

Let’s get real: If your car gets stolen or broken into, your helmet might not be so lucky after all!

If you only have car insurance, your helmet is not covered because it is a personal belonging, not a car part or car accessory. The good news is that your helmet can be covered by your home insurance, but you have two play options here:

  • Get customized insurance coverage for your lucky helmet.
  • Have your helmet covered under your home insurance policy (provided you are aware of all limitations and exclusions).

Next time your team wins the Grey Cup, we’ll make sure to thank your lucky helmet.

Melissa P.,
Insurance claims adjuster, Quebec




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