Everything You Wanted to Know about Car Insurance Coverage

Does everybody need car insurance?

Yes indeed. If you drive a car, you need to have liability insurance no matter where you live in Canada.

Is coverage the same in all provinces?

Good question. There are variations of coverage. In Ontario, all drivers need to have liability coverage, direct compensation-property damage coverage, uninsured automobile coverage, and accident benefits coverage. And in Quebec, civil liability coverage is compulsory and this includes property damage.

So how much car insurance coverage do I need?

This all depends on what kind of vehicle you have. The model, the year and the make of your car will be calculated in your quote.

I have an older car. Is it worthwhile to remove collision and comprehensive to get the premium savings?

Another excellent question. One of our available options, if you're trying to cut down costs is to remove optional coverage such as collision or comprehensive.

How do I know if the option to remove optional coverage is right for me?

Well, first you need to find out the current market value of your vehicle. Then compare this number to the cost of your coverage. If you are comfortable risking the value of the vehicle in the event of a loss for the guaranteed annual premium saving, then this option is probably the right one for you.

I have a great driving record; will this be reflected in my policy?

Of course. Your good driving record can also be protected with our product called, The Crash-Proof Policy, which can be added to your standard coverage. If you live in Ontario, it protects you with, among other things, no premium increase as a result of your first at-fault accident. And if you're in Quebec, the Crash-Proof Policy protects you from a premium increase as a result of your first two at-fault accidents.

What information do I need to get a quote?

Before getting a quote either by phone or online, gather the following details that will help you answer some basic questions about the vehicle and drivers that you want to insure:

  • Year make and model of all vehicles you want to insure
  • Your address
  • Driver details including gender, date of birth, years licensed, and conviction/suspension history
  • Prior insurance history including all cancellations and claims regardless of fault
  • Vehicle usage details
  • Whether or not a vehicle is leased or financed
  • Coverage details

Can I tailor my coverage depending on how much I use my car?

Overall, the basics of your coverage selection will remain the same, regardless of how you use your vehicle, as these basics are required by law. There are, however, other options available to tailor your coverage to your individual needs. The best thing is to take a look at your quote and then discuss your options with a belairdirect agent and update them if necessary.

You may be able to invest in one-way insurance for a used car, depending on the condition it's in.