5 pro tips for a better work-from-home office

Like lots of people, maybe you’ve suddenly found yourself in a new reality, and now you’re working from home. To set yourself up for comfort and productivity, you’re going to need a work space that’s tailored to your specific needs. Here are five tips to ensure your work day goes by in a flash.

  1. Choose your spot wisely

To create separation between work and personal life, when space allows for it, try to avoid bringing work into living spaces (the kitchen, for example). Doing so will reduce productivity throughout the day, as well as prevent you from being able to disconnect at the end of the day. Favour a specific space, preferably one with a door that closes. Avoid bedrooms, as they should be reserved for rest.


  1. Count on light

When setting up your home office, remember you’ll be spending a lot of time there. So, it’s important that your work space be as bright as possible. Consider putting your desk by a window, if possible. Being seated near a window will allow you to look outside and give your eyes a rest. If that doesn’t work in your space, nothing’s stopping you from getting a luminotherapy lamp, which can give you a boost on dreary winter days.


  1. Work standing up

Adjustable height desks are increasingly popular. They allow you to work standing up rather than sitting down all day. Standing desks’ legs rise and lower thanks to a manual or electric mechanism. Adjusting height in this way will help you maintain better posture and reduce your chances of back pain.


  1. Go neutral, but comfortable

Choose to create a workspace with simple colours (white, grey, beige). You can always liven up the area with bright accessories. But avoid painting an entire wall in an intense colour; such hues can impact your ability to concentrate. Also think about the temperature in the room. A temperature of about 20 to 23 degrees Celsius is perfect for work. The humidity should be around 50%. In terms of noise pollution, it should be limited as much as possible. Distance yourself from TVs, from the kitchen, and from the kids’ playroom.


  1. Storage changes everything

The storage in your home office is very important. It lets you keep track of your paperwork and files, all while creating a calmer, more Zen-like environment. Get your hands on some attractive boxes, a filing cabinet, drawers, shelving, or containers that are easy to access. The best part is everything will be within easy reach. Plus, you can help out your wallet by buying second-hand. You’ll also reduce your environmental footprint.